Finding your wild side the Tiptoe way...

What if I cannot do it? I'm not fit or strong enough. Someone like me cannot go up a mountain. I wouldn't even know where to start with outdoor adventure.

Any of these sounds familiar? 

Women account for only 35% of outdoor activity participation and we think it's time to change this statistic. 

We've created the Tiptoe movement and you are invited to join in on the adventure. If you've always wanted to get into the great outdoors and haven't known where to start then let us guide you with our series of walks and adventure trips designed for women. Choose your level and join other like minded women on fantastic trips in the UK to walk mountains, zip wire across quarries, learn to surf, try climbing and explore the incredible scenery the UK has to offer such as Snowdonia, Peak District, Lake District and The Highlands. The atmosphere on the trips are relaxed, supportive and friendly with accommodation, transport and guides included for most trips. 

We want to enthuse and enable more women enjoying the hills and starting their own outdoors journey. 



We are currently offering guided walks in small groups with no accommodation or transport included.  We hope to resume normality in 2021.